What Decision Does Melba Make About How To.Act So That She Will.Be A Stronger Warrior?

What happened to Melba on the day of the Brown decision?

When Melba is twelve years old, the Supreme Court rules that separate schools for whites are illegal, a ruling called Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. In the year after the ruling, Melba sees very little change in segregation. Luckily, both Melba and her mother make it to the car and escape unharmed.

How is Melba a warrior?

Melba first volunteered to attend Central High because she wanted to go to a better school. He tells them they are “fighting for generations not yet born.” At age sixteen, Melba becomes a fighter for the right of African-American children to get the same education as white children.

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When did Melba realize the harsh realities of segregation?

Melba’s birth was a complicated one, but she eventually made a full recovery and on top of all of that, Melba also had to go through the harsh reality of segregation when she was five years old.

Why does Melba decide to trust link and take his help?

Melba decides that she will trust Link because no one else could help to protect her inside of Central. He warns her not to go to her locker in the afternoon and she listens to him. Melba allows him to help her because he is undoubtedly privy to information that no one else will share with her.

Who goes with Melba to her new school what do you think will happen next?

1: Who goes with Melba in her new school? What do think will happen next? Minnijean goes to her school and they are friends.

What event makes Melba realize that if she got into trouble with white people Her family couldn’t protect her?

At age eight, Melba’s family gets overcharged by twenty dollars-more than a day’s pay-by the white grocer at the store. She sees that the black people in her life can’t protect her from the white people and their rules.

What is the main idea of warriors don’t cry?

Answer and Explanation: Warriors Don’t Cry explores the themes of racism and segregation. It was written by Melba Pattillo Beals and documents her year at the all-white Central High School in 1957-1958 as one of the first nine black students to attend.

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Is Melba a hero?

Someone who is persistent follows through with a course of action despite resistance or challenges. Melba Pattillo Beals’s influential role in the civil rights movement and her persistence through struggles and difficulties deems her worthy of the title, hero.

Why is the book called warriors don’t cry?

The title of Warriors Don’t Cry means that true warriors have faith in God and don’t entertain fear or sorrow because of their belief. They get back up when a battle knocks them down. When Melba is unable to cope with what’s happening at Central High, she feels despair.

Why is Link responsible for Mrs Healy?

Link was taken care of by Nana Healey ever since he was a little baby, and now that she is sick with tuberculosis, he feels that the only thing to do is to take care of her. This is because Mrs. Healey is family by choice for Link.

What happened in Warriors don’t cry Chapter 11?

An announcement in the newspaper reads that half of the 101st will return to their base in Kentucky. Melba realizes that she can only depend on herself for protection and adopts the attitude of a warrior. She keeps her muscles “steely” in response to abuse and strains her mind to focus.

Who wrote warriors dont cry?

Warriors Don’t Cry | Book by Melba Pattillo Beals | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster.

What happens in chapter 17 of warriors don’t cry?

Melba finds a black doctor who goes to see Nana Healey and reports that she does not have much longer to live. Melba decides to tell Grandma India about Nana Healey. At first, Grandma India is angry with Melba for having lied, but promises to visit Nana Healey during her weekly trips to North Little Rock.

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Why does Link say he let Melba drive his car?

– Link possibly saved Melba life by letting her take his car to get away from Andy and his friends who were trying to kill her. – Melba didn’t want to take his car because people would think she stole Link’s car.

What happened in Warriors don’t cry Chapter 15?

When Melba arrives home, Grandma India is concerned about her having a white boy’s car. Mother Lois comes home and is just as upset to hear that Melba has trusted Link who could be setting a trap for Melba. However, his rescue of her from his friend, Andy, results in a secret friendship between him and Melba.

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