Readers ask: Question 1.1. The Selection Structure Is Used When You Want A Program To Make A Decision.?

What is selection or decision structure?

You use the selection (or decision) structure, when you want a program to make a decision or comparison and then, based on the result of that decision or comparison, to select one of two paths. You can think of the selection structure as being a fork in the road.

What are the selection control structure?

The selection control structure allows one set of statements to be executed if a condition is true and another set of actions to be executed if a condition is false. In any case, program control will resume with the statement following End If.

What are the three types of selection structures?

Control Structures – Selection

  • Sequential: default mode; Executed line by line, one right after the other.
  • Selection: decisions, branching; When there are 2 or more alternatives. Three types:
  • Repetition: used for looping, or repeating a section of code multiple times. Three types:

Why is selection structure important in programming?

Why is selection important? Selection allows there to be more than one path through a program. Many solutions feature several choices or decisions. Without selection it would not be possible to include different paths in programs, and the solutions we create would not be realistic.

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What is an example of selection structure?

In if-else structures, a specific action will be performed if the boolean condition is true and another action, if the condition is false. For example, if we wanted to know the number of days from a data set where the daily high temperature was above and below 80 degrees, a programmer could use an if-else statement.

How is selection used in programming?

Selection is a programming construct where a section of code is run only if a condition is met. In programming, there are occasions when a decision needs to be made. Selection is the process of making a decision. The result of the decision determines which path the program will take next.

What are the five steps of the programming process?

There are five main ingredients in the programming process:

  • Defining the problem.
  • Planning the solution.
  • Coding the program.
  • Testing the program.
  • Documenting the program.

What is the selection statement?

Selection statements allow a program to test several conditions, and execute instructions based on which condition is true. That is why selection statements are also referred to as conditional statements.

What are the three basic types of control structures?

Flow of control through any given program is implemented with three basic types of control structures: Sequential, Selection and Repetition.

What is single alternative decision structure?

This is the simplest decision control structure. It includes a statement or block of statements on the “true” path only. If the Boolean expression evaluates to true, the statement, or block of statements, of the structure is executed; otherwise, the statements are skipped.

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What is else selection?

In programming, selection is implemented using IF statements. Using IF and ELSE gives two possible choices (paths) that a program can follow. However, sometimes more than two choices are wanted. To do this, the statement ELSE IF is used.

Why C is most popular language?

The C programming language is so popular because it is known as the mother of all programming languages. This language is widely flexible to use memory management. C is the best option for system level programming language.

What is sequence in coding?

Sequences are the main logical structure of algorithms or programs. When creating algorithms or programs, the instructions are presented in a specific correct order. A sequence can contain any number of instructions but each instruction must be run in the order they are presented. No instruction can be skipped.

Is a switch statement a selection structure?

The switch statement allow us to select one from multiple options. It is especially useful when we want to write a code that makes a selection based on an expression or a variable. switch selection structure consists of a series of case labels and optional default case as shown below.

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