Quick Answer: How Long Does It Take For My Commander To Make A Decision On An Artical 15?

How long does a soldier have to appeal an Article 15?

Appeals must be made within 5 calendar days (not duty days) from the date punishment is imposed. Appeals not submitted within the 5 days could be rejected as “untimely.” For good cause, a commander may extend the 5- day period.

Does a Company grade Article 15 follow you?

There is no federal conviction that will follow you outside of the military; just punishment (but no jail time) and of course, the Article 15 stays as a part of your permanent record. 2. But in simpler terms, accepting an Article 15 says to your commander, “I’ll let you decide if I am guilty and how to punish me.”

What happens when an officer gets an Article 15?

Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice allows for a commanding officer to decide the innocence or guilt and administer the punishment to an offender if necessary when a military member gets into trouble for a minor offense that does not require a judicial hearing.

Can an Article 15 be removed?

Removal of Court-martial or Article 15 can only be considered by the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR) Request for reconsideration does NOT provide substantial additional new evidence. The document in question is not found in the OMPF/IPERMS.

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Is an Article 15 a dishonorable discharge?

Offenses Punishable Under Article 15 Article 15 gives a commanding officer power to punish individuals for minor offenses. The term “minor offense” ordinarily does not include misconduct which, if tried by general court-martial, could be punished by a dishonorable discharge or confinement for more than one year.

What is the max punishment for an Article 15?

The maximum punishment authorized at a field grade Article 15 is: extra duty for 45 days. restriction for 60 days (maximum of 45 days if combined with extra duty)

What does a field grade Article 15 mean?

Field Grade: Maximum punishment at a field grade Article 15 can include extra duty for 45 days, restriction for 60 days, oral reprimand, forfeiture of one-half base pay per month for two months, and/or reduction in rank to E-1 or reduction in rank of one grade.

Can generals get an Article 15?

Commanders can impose Article 15s because no formal criminal proceeding is required to do so. An Article 15 does not create a criminal record and, in some cases, will end up being removed from military records.

Can you win a court-martial?

Winning Your Court Martial is Easier Than You Might Think. The chances of getting an acquittal at a court-martial are higher than almost any other American courtroom today. There are many reasons for this, but most cases are lost because of poor investigations, poor prosecution, and command abuse.

How do I get rid of Article 15 on OMPF?

A Soldier can request removal letters of reprimand, admonition from their OMPF. Additionally, the Soldier can request for the transfer of the same letters or an Article 15 to their restricted fiche.

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How do you start a 15 6 investigation?

Initiating a 15-6 investigation is easy. The initiating authority usually asks their legal officer to draft an appointment memorandum that explains what the investigation will be focused on (appointment memo examples can be found in AR 15-6). Then, he/she picks someone to be the 15-6 Investigating Officer (IO).

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