Question: When Did Lennie Make A Good Decision?

Why was Lennie a good decision to kill?

George was the only person on Earth who loved him, George was Lennie’ s protector and friend, but Lennie was a doomed man. George shot Lennie because he loved him. He shot Lennie to save him from a fate worse than death. He shot Lennie to save the lives of the men in the angry mob that was right on their heels.

What did Lennie do wrong?

Once on the ranch in their new jobs, he takes a puppy, which he promptly kills, and then breaks Curley’s wife’s neck. The second serious mistake Lennie made was to touch Curley’s wife’s hair. She wanted to talk to him because he was lonely.

Did George make the right decision in regards to Lennie?

George did the right thing when he shot Lennie because Lennie did not understand what he had done wrong, and he would have been attacked by the other men in the worst case and arrested in the best case. Lennie was a mentally impaired man who was very big, and did not know his strength.

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What decision does George make about Lennie?

George, knowing where Lennie has gone, finds Lennie first and chooses to shoot him. George makes this decision based upon a couple different thoughts. First, George knows that the men wil not make Lennie’s death easy. Second, George has promised Aunt Clara to take care of Lennie.

Why did George kill Lennie?

George killed Lennie, because Candy told George he wished he would have shot his own dog, Lennie killed Curley’s wife, the puppie, and the mouse, and the lynch mob would have done worse things to Lennie.

Why is George not guilty for killing Lennie?

One reason why George isn’t guilty is because he is responsible for Lennie and always does right by him. He also prevents Lennie from suffering a miserable fate. Considering these two statements, George Milton cannot be guilty of murder. When Aunt Clara dies, George promises her that he will take care of him.

Did Lennie kill a puppy?

Lennie accidentally kills his puppy, probably by squeezing him or hitting him too hard. Lennie “loves his puppy to death”. Not knowing his own strength, Lennie was too rough with his puppy and ended up killing it. Like the dead mouse he had at the beginning, Lennie continues to stroke it because it’s soft.

What is Candy’s greatest fear?

Candy’s greatest fear is that once he is no longer able to help with the cleaning he will be “disposed of.” Like his old dog, he has lived beyond his usefulness. Candy and his dog parallel the relationship of George and Lennie.

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What is Lennie afraid of?

Lennie’s dream is to tend to rabbits on a farm with George, his best friend. His fear is that he will do something bad enough someday that will cause…

What would have happened if George didn’t kill Lennie?

If he did not kill Lennie, Curly would definitely have had him tortured and painfully killed. Shooting him was painless.

Why does George lie about the gun?

George has lied about the Luger because he has taken it; he does not want to admit this act as the men will believe he is involved in Curley’s wife’s death and hurt him, too, and he will not be able to accompany the men and intercede for Lennie when they find him, or to take action on his own.

Did Lennie kill Curley’s wife?

Lennie kills Curley’s wife because of his inability to control his own strength and emotions. The more Curley’s wife struggles and yells, the angrier and more scared Lennie becomes, leading him to shake her harder until “she was still, for [he] had broken her neck.”

What was George’s decision at the end?

Throughout the novella, George and Lennie have viewed themselves as special and lucky because they have their friendship with one another, but in the end, all this means is that George must be the person to kill Lennie.

What does George do after he kills Lennie?

In Of Mice and Men, George feels anguish after killing Lennie, but he knows that killing Lennie was the most humane thing to do. In killing Lennie, George loses both a friend and a representation of his dreams.

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Where does Lennie go right after he kills Curley’s wife?

After accidentally killing Curley’s wife, Lennie hides in the bushes near his and George’s old campsite.

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