Question: What Is Another Word For Waiting To Long To Make A Decision?

What is the word for when you can’t make a decision?

The definition of indecisive is someone who can’t make up his mind or make decisions, or something that doesn’t decide an issue.

What is a word for when you are waiting for something to happen?

1 await, linger, abide, delay.

What is a fancy word for waiting?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for waiting. delay, hawing, procrastination.

How do you say waiting for a long time?

synonyms for waiting

  1. await.
  2. delay.
  3. expect.
  4. hang.
  5. linger.
  6. remain.
  7. stay.
  8. watch.

What causes inability to make decisions?

Having difficulty making decisions can be a sign of depression. Many people agonize over decisions. Having difficulty making decisions can be a sign of depression. When one is in the throes of despair, there may be a pessimistic view of reasonable options and an inability to act.

What is it called when you are stuck between two decisions?

7 Answers. Buridan’s ass refers precisely to being unable to choose between exactly two things.

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How do you make a decision between two things?

Follow these expert tips to guarantee the next decision you make will be the best one for you.

  1. Go with Your Gut.
  2. Put Down the Mojito.
  3. Sleep on Itbut Just for One Night.
  4. Get into a Stress-Free State.
  5. Talk It Over with a Select Few.
  6. But Avoid Discussing It with Everyone.
  7. Consider the Long-Term Consequences.

What is it called when something is about to happen?

synonyms for about to happen anticipated. expected. forthcoming. impending.

What does it mean to keep someone waiting?

DEFINITIONS1. to make someone stay in one place or do nothing until you are ready to see or talk to them. We were kept waiting outside his office for over an hour.

What does anxiously waiting mean?

The definition of anxiously is the behaviors of someone who is eagerly wishing. An example of someone anxiously waiting for concert tickets to go on sale is someone who is excited and full of energy. adjective.

What can I use instead of wait?


  • anticipate.
  • bide.
  • expect.
  • linger.
  • pause.
  • remain.
  • rest.
  • sojourn.

How do you express waiting?

For the phrases in the question you could use: I am waiting with eager anticipation. I am eagerly waiting for your return. I am eagerly waiting to see you.

What are you waiting for idioms?

(spoken) used to tell somebody to do something now rather than later: If the car needs cleaning, what are you waiting for?

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