Often asked: When Are Times In Tom Sawyer Where He Had To Make A Decision Between Right Or Wrong?

What important decision does Tom make at the end of Chapter 24?

At the end of chapter 24, Atticus comes in during a Missionary Society meeting that Aunt Alexandra is hosting. He takes Alexandra and Calpurnia aside and tells them that Tom Robinson has been shot and killed trying to escape from prison.

What happens in Chapter 11 in Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 11: Conscience Racks Tom The day after Tom and Huck witness Dr. Robinson’s murder, some townspeople discover the doctor’s corpse in the graveyard, along with Potter’s knife. A crowd gathers in the cemetery, and then Potter himself appears. Consequently, the sheriff arrests Potter for murder.

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What happens in Chapter 29 in Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 29: Huck Saves the Widow When Tom sees Becky, he learns that her picnic is planned for the following day, so the Injun Joe predicament drops to secondary importance. Assuming them to be Injun Joe and his companion, he decides that there is no time to fetch Tom—the two men are escaping with the gold.

What happened in Chapter 7 in Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 7: Tick-Running and a Heartbreak The teacher now places Tom next to Joe Harper. After trying to study for a while, Tom gives up and he and Joe play with the tick, each attempting to keep the bug on his side of the desk by harassing it with a pin.

Why did Tom and Huckleberry decide not to tell what they had seen in the graveyard?

Answer: Tom and Huckleberry decide not to tell what they had seen in the graveyard because they were scared that injun Joe might come after them.

What is ironic about Tom leaving the cadets?

The irony is that Tom wants to wear the showy uniform; however, the cadets are only wearing the uniforms because the judge is dying. When the judge doesn’t die, there is no need for wearing the uniform and thus, Tom quits.

Why were Tom and Huck so fascinated with Injun Joe?

The townspeople are willing to believe Injun Joe because they are afraid of him and fear retaliation from him. Thus Huck and Tom are right in their fear of Injun Joe.

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How did Tom Sawyer get away from taking painkiller?

He pointed out towards the cat and laughed. Aunt Polly saw the bottle of pain-killer, the spoon and a saucer. She guessed the truth and told Tom not to take the medicine any more. Thus he got rid of taking the pain-killer.

What happens in Chapter 16 of Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 16: First Pipes—“I’ve Lost My Knife” The boys find turtle eggs on the sandbar that afternoon and eat fried eggs for supper that night and for breakfast the following morning. They strip naked, swim, and have wrestling matches and a mock circus on the beach.

Who hears Tom and Huck sneaking out of the house?

One night Tom Sawyer shows up to take Huck to a secret meeting with some other boys; as they sneak away from the house, one of Miss Watson’s slaves—Jim —hears the boys, who carefully evade him.

What happened in Chapter 20 of Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 20: Tom Takes Becky’s Punishment Back at school, Tom attempts a reconciliation with Becky, but she blows him off and looks forward to seeing him whipped for the inky spelling book. She proceeds to find a key in the lock of the teacher’s desk drawer; the drawer contains a book that only the teacher, Mr.

What happens in Chapter 23 of Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 23: The Salvation of Muff Potter The trial finally arrives, and Injun Joe gives his account of the events. When he reaches the point in the story where Injun Joe stabs the doctor, Injun Joe leaps from his seat, pulls free of everyone, and escapes through a window.

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Why is Becky upset with Tom at the end of Chapter 7?

Tom gets Becky to tell him she loves him, and then to kiss him. Then he gets her to tell him she’ll never love another, and he tells her the same. Tom makes the mistake of bringing up his previous love, Amy Lawrence, which causes Becky to cry.

Why did Tom give Becky his andiron knob?

Expert Answers You can find this in Chapter 8 of the book. Tom tries to give Becky the “brass knob from the top of an andiron.” This is his most valuable possession and he wants to give it to her as a token of his love.

What happens in Tom Sawyer Chapter 8?

Things go awry when Joe won’t die; he’s sick of always being the bad guy. They come to a compromise: Tom agrees to play the bad guy for a little while if Joe will just die like a man this time. After that’s all done, Tom resumes playing Robin Hood, and the two boys enact the hero’s death scene.

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