Often asked: A Situation Where A Leader Was Presented With A Dilemma Where He Or She Had To Make A Decision?

Which one is example of dilemma situation?

Classic Dilemma Some examples of classic dilemmas include: Deciding where to go for dinner on a first date. Uncertainty about which job offer to take. Wondering whether or not to make the move to a new city.

What are some real life examples of ethical dilemmas?

Some examples of ethical dilemma examples include:

  • Taking credit for others’ work.
  • Offering a client a worse product for your own profit.
  • Utilizing inside knowledge for your own profit.

What are some ethical dilemmas a leader might face?

A leader can face ethical dilemmas like goals that seem unrealistic and conflicting among his followers, he can face discrimination or harassment either from followers, the government of the day, or other people, another one is facing a toxic workplace culture.

In what 2 situations do moral dilemmas arise?

Such dilemmas “arise when, faced with a difficult situation (e.g. fair treatment for some versus job security for others), two or more such values conflict in the perception of a decision-maker, or when one is assessing another’s moral choice” (Maclagan, 2003, p. 22).

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What are the 3 moral dilemmas?

There are several types of moral dilemmas, but the most common of them are categorized into the following: 1) epistemic and ontological dilemmas, 2) self-imposed and world-imposed dilemmas, 3) obligation dilemmas and prohibition dilemmas, and 4) single agent and multi-person dilemmas.

How do you solve dilemma?

8 Straight Forward Ways To Crack Your Decision Making Dilemma

  1. Remove Emotion. Emotions are an essential part of all decisions but do not let them get the upper hand.
  2. Take Time Out To Think.
  3. Flexibility Is Key.
  4. You Will Be Wrong.
  5. Stop Being Cruel.
  6. Commit and Follow Through.
  7. Build Your Muscle.
  8. Help Yourself.

What are the four ethical dilemmas?

In LDRS 111 you were introduced to four different ethical dilemma paradigms: truth vs loyalty, short-term vs long-term, individual vs community, and justice vs mercy.

What are examples of ethical questions?


  • Do you consider yourself to be an ethical person?
  • Have you ever found a smart phone?
  • Would you risk your life to save another person?
  • Would you jump into a deep river to save a drowning animal?
  • What should a person do if they find a wallet?
  • What are some ethical dilemmas you have faced?
  • Is stealing ALWAYS wrong?

What are some examples of ethical decision making?

Ethical behavior suggests someone is honest and forthright in communications whether written or oral. A salesperson explaining potential problems with a product is being honest. A customer service representative taking responsibility for failing to follow through with a service action is making an ethical decision.

What are the six ethical issues?

There are six broad ethical areas that need to be considered in your research. In this chapter, we will discuss voluntary participation, informed consent, confidentiality and anonymity, the potential for harm, communi- cating the results, and more specific ethical issues.

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What is an unethical leader?

In sum, we define unethical leadership as behaviors conducted and decisions made by organizational leaders that are illegal and/or violate moral standards, and those that impose processes and structures that promote unethical conduct by followers. The effects of unethical leadership on employees are also considerable.

What is an example of ethical leadership?

Ethical leadership for me is all about putting customers first. It’s about training your team to always do what’s right for the customer, no matter what it takes. That’s what ethical leadership is for me – showing the employees that they have a responsibility towards the customer and not their manager.

How does moral dilemma arise?

Ethical dilemmas arise when a difficult problem cannot be solved in a way that will satisfy everyone who is involved. The same dilemma might occur when a situation arises that involves a choice between equally unsatisfactory alternatives.

What are the 2 types of morality?

Types of Morals

  • Morals of Punishment and Obedience.
  • Morals of Fairness and Equality.
  • Morals Guided by Expectations and Rules.
  • Morals of Law and Order.
  • Morals of Social Contract.
  • Morals of Universal and Ethical Principles.

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