How To Make A Decision On Whether To Live Abroad With My Military Husband Or Stay In The States?

Are there rules for military spouses?

While military members are subject to certain rules about what they can say and do while in uniform, those restrictions do not extend to military spouses. That’s right: There are no official rules.

Do military spouses have to change state of residency?

Military spouses must fulfill their state’s residency requirements. That almost always includes having a physical presence in that state. Sometimes a military spouse will live in a different state than the active-duty service member. In these cases, the MSRRA generally does not apply.

Can military spouses go overseas?

If your military service member is being stationed overseas someplace where you and your dependent children can go, your names will be on the military orders sending you there. If your names are not on those orders, your spouse is in for an ‘unaccompanied’ tour, however.

Will the military move your spouse?

Your spouse will receive assistance with getting themselves to their assigned training station. Once orders are received, they will move your belongings and provide monies for transportation. Note if you are not listed as a spouse on official records, you will need to do this to get funded properly.

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Can soldiers kiss in uniform?

Hand-holding, hugging and kissing are generally not allowed while in uniform.

Do officers wives get saluted?

Officially – No. However I have seen very many officers’ wives saluted by other officers. Traditionally, it is appropriate for any woman to receive a salute (presumably from a male serviceman.) This tradition goes way back, and isn’t commonly practiced anymore.

How do I change my state of residence to a military spouse?

The spouse must be able to show that she/he had the domicile before moving into a different state, and the spouse must be able to prove that the domicile existed by going through the new state’s existing list of facts and circumstances, or “proofs of intention.” The military spouse must maintain their domicile.

What is military spouse tax exemption?

So, if you meet the requirements of the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act, both your income and the military income earned by your spouse in the military are free from taxation in the duty station state. Both spouses are subject to tax (income and property) in their home states.

Are military spouses exempt from state taxes?

A military spouse is exempt from paying state income taxes when he or she: a. Lives in a state that is different from his or her permanent residence; However, the spouse will have to pay tax to the state of residence, assuming that state has an income tax.

How can a military spouse get a job overseas?

Finding a Job Overseas as a Military Spouse

  1. Check the installation website for job listings.
  2. Look for civil service or appropriated funds positions.
  3. Consider non-appropriated funds positions.
  4. Work at your installation exchange and commissary.
  5. Be a defense contractor.
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How can you tell a military scammer?

While scams are constantly evolving, here are some familiar hallmarks of military romance scams:

  1. They only want to meet on your dime.
  2. They don’t want to ever meet.
  3. They use fake names.
  4. Someone else calls you.
  5. They make excuses about dumb things.
  6. They want compromising photos.
  7. They ask for cash.
  8. If you’re being scammed.

HOW FAR CAN military travel without taking leave?

Soldiers who travel in excess of 250 miles away from their place of duty must be in an approved leave or pass status. b. Company Commanders are authorized to sign all leaves under 30-days, to include PCS and transition leaves. Company Commanders are NOT authorized to sign any OCONUS leaves.

What happens if you get a girl pregnant while in the military?

Women’s Army Corps regulations, for example, made it quite clear – “An enrolled woman will be discharged if she becomes pregnant Pregnancy will be included on the daily sick report as sickness “not in line of duty.”

Can wives go on deployment?

One of those questions may be, “Can’t you go with them on deployment?” For most military spouses, the answer is a resounding “No!” For others, it may be possible. But if you want to visit your spouse during deployment—and all the stars align—you may want some help.

Can a girlfriend live on army base?

No. You cannot be assigned housing for a family without dependents. And no one can live in your quarters who is not a dependent. Unless you are married she will not be recognized as your dependent.

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