FAQ: When Can I Make A Medical School Decision?

When should I hear back from medical schools?

Overall, in the U.S., the majority of candidates hear back from medical schools for interviews between October and January, but there’s variation even in that wide spread of time.

When can medical schools send acceptances?

Notify all Regular MD program applicants of their acceptance on or after October 15* of each admission cycle, but no earlier. Schools and programs may notify applicants of admissions decisions other than acceptance prior to October 15.

How long do you have to accept a medical school offer?

Once a med school gives you an official acceptance offer, you generally have two weeks to respond. If you decide you want to secure a spot at that school, you’ll need to pay a certain amount—typically between $500 to $1,500—to do so.

Does Early Decision increase chances med school?

However, med schools do not admit students via early decision who would not be admitted during the regular admissions cycle. If you are a marginal applicant, you will not improve your chances of admission by applying early decision.

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What’s the easiest medical school to get into?

Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into

  • University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences.
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School.
  • University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine.
  • University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine.
  • LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport.

Can medical schools see where you’ve been accepted?

Beginning April 30th, medical schools can see which of their accepted applicants have selected “Plan to Enroll ” or “Commit to Enroll” at their institution. This information will be visible only to schools where the applicant has a current acceptance or alternate list position.

When should I expect my medical school interview?

Most interview invites are sent between the months of October through January; however, it depends on when the applicant submitted their primary and secondary applications. Should one submit these documents earlier in the cycle, they should expect to receive an interview invite sooner than those who submit later on.

Do medical schools send rejection letters?

As far as I know, all schools will send you a rejection letter if they are not going to interview/accept you. The question is, when they send that letter. Many of them wait until the very end of the season (like, July or so) when the point is moot anyways.

How many medical schools should you apply to?

Due to the fierce competition to get into medical school and the low acceptance rates, most premeds apply to about 15 programs.

What is the hardest medical school to get into?

A whopping 62 percent of UNC medical school graduates went on to practice medicine. The hardest school to get into is Stanford University, where just 2.3 percent of applicants are accepted.

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Is a 500 MCAT score good?

The average score to put you in the 50th percentile is about 500, or 125 on each section. But even then, being in the 50th percentile is considered to be quite low. In general, anything below a cumulative MCAT score of 510 is considered to be a borderline score.

What month does med school start?

August and September. Classes begin for first-year students and the previous year’s application cycle is formally concluded.

Is early decision med school worth it?

Given the facts stated above, most applicants should avoid applying early decision. Unless you are an extremely stellar applicant (3.9+ GPA, 40+ MCAT, and excellent works and activities) with a compelling reason for attending a specific school, it is not in your best interest to apply early decision.

Is it better to submit medical school application early?

For good applicants with decent, but not great, MCAT scores, applying early increases your chances of getting accepted for a med school admissions interview. Applying late can make an already stressful situation even more stressful, and your chances of securing an interview diminish with each passing week.

Is med school risky?

Most people wouldn’t normally think of medical school as a risky investment. Despite what many students may have been told, the risk of failing to make medical school a success venture, without dropping out or being dismissed, is slightly increasing and will likely increase more in the future unless changes are made.

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