Decide to Date Again

Posted on May 15 2009

Whether you decide to date again, or you are deciding to get back into the dating scene, this article is for you.

This decision is a tough one. We must decide whether we are emotionally ready to do this.

If you met and married your high school sweetheart and it didn’t work out, here you are several years later, and you never did learn about it.

First dates are hard – they may not turn out for many reasons:

ï‚  You were too nervous

 You didn’t say enough

ï‚  You said too much

ï‚  You were too emotional

ï‚  You made the wrong impression

 The other person wasn’t right, nor ready

… I could go on and on.

Download my free report that will help you determine what it is you are looking for this time. Dating decisions are hard. Do you know what you want? What you need? What you will not tolerate?

If you decide to date, make a decision to set boundaries. Dating again is a difficult decision, and we want you to make the right one for you.

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It’s a tough decision. If you will decide to date you will need to do a self analysis to determine your motives:

are you lonely?


being vendictive?

It might not be time yet.

If you’ve tried it and it’s just not working for you – try our 21 Secrets
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